Sudoku puzzle is a widely popular intellectual game. Due to its simple and friendly rules for beginners and the charm from intellectual challenge, Sudoku becomes welcome recently for players of various ages. You are even able to solve a Sudoku puzzle easily without any mathematical knowledge.

Dark Sudoku
Classic Sudoku Puzzle

Dark Sudoku has 15000 different puzzles and comes in five well-balanced difficulty levels: flash, easy, medium, hard and evil ūüėą. All puzzles can be logically solved. Easiest puzzles are a good start for beginners while the hardest ones requires knowledge of advanced solving strategies.

Well-designed intuitive interface with beautiful Dark Mode allows you to fully concentrate on game without any distraction. Newcomers can quickly learn how to play the game with help of tutorial. For advanced players ‚ÄúDark Sudoku‚ÄĚ provides ability to make notes and build ‚ÄúChains‚ÄĚ (required for different ‚ÄúChaining Strategies‚ÄĚ).

Key futures:

  • 15000 Sudoku puzzles (3000 for each level)
  • Five difficulty levels: flash, easy, medium, hard and evil
  • Simple and intuitive interface with Dark Mode
  • Ability to make notes and build ‚ÄúChains‚ÄĚ
  • Auto-fill candidates
  • Unlimited undo
  • Eraser
  • Statistics for each difficulty level


$1.00 USD or more
Windows, MacOS, Linux

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